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Junsei affiliated stores also welcome visits from groups and organizations. Please visit us for company, school, local group trips, etc.
If you have any questions or would like to make a reservation, please contact one of our stores.

Why Junsei

Rooms with a variety of charms

We have a variety of rooms, including a large hall that can seat a maximum of 88 people.

Enjoy famous Kyoto boiled "yudofu" tofu with seasonal ingredients


Boiled "yudofu" tofu was created as a kind of tea house food in front of the Nanzen-ji Temple gates.
Nowadays, it's enjoyed by many as a "Junsei specialty."
Feasting on a table laid full with extravagant dishes is certainly nice, but savoring a simple main dish of boiled "yudofu" tofu is it's own delight.
Enjoy it at our table seating at your leisure for a slightly luxurious lunch or dinner.

Great access to famous sightseeing spots

A variety of famous Kyoto sightseeing spots, including Nanzen-ji Temple, Eikan-do Temple, Heian-jingu Shrine, and Shoren-in Temple are within walking distance of our restaurant.



Nanzen-ji Temple Junsei

See the nationally registered cultural property, Junsei Sho-in, built in 1839; and the Meikyo Rakuchi Strolling Garden as it changes through the seasons. Then savor the flavor of our famous boiled "yudofu" tofu, made with Japanese soybeans and our special sauce.