In the Ryotei-kaku pavilion at the rear of the garden, you can relax looking out on the garden as you enjoy your meal.
Although the building is traditionally Japanese in style, chair seating, rather than floor seating, is primarily offered inside.

Tsukimi ("Moon Watching")

[30 people]
Features comfortable wooden chairs and tables, and the large window offers a view looking out on the lake and trees.
Enjoy your meal while enjoying the scenery, where waterfowl sometimes come to play.

Tsutsuji ("Azalea")

[6 people]
A private room with chair seating, in which you can enjoy the wall painting of azaleas, and the garden scenery through the window.

Tsubaki ("Chrysanthemum")

[8 people]
Just as in the Azalea Room, this private room with chair seating features a dazzling painting of red chrysanthemums.
Enjoy the garden scenery and the chrysanthemum painting as you dine in a small group.

Satsuki ("Satsuki Azalea")

[40 people]
This room has large stained glass windows on both sides, and a wine cellar in the middle.
You can relax and enjoy your meal in this somehow nostalgic room.


[30 people]
Antique woodblocks and a ceramic grater are embedded along the wall here, and across from the door with its classical scenic Kyoto painting, you'll find relaxing table seating that retains a Japanese ambiance.
This room is perfect for enjoying a leisurely meal while looking out on the inner garden.

Hasumi ("Lotus Viewing")

[14 people]
14 people can be seated around one table here to enjoy a meal together.
The space is perfect for family and work gatherings.

2nd Floor

Seating here can accomodate up to 88 people in chairs placed on tatami.
The flooring and banister are remaining portions of the old, original building, but they suit their new surroundings beautifully.

Registered Cultural Property, Junsei Sho-in

Registered Cultural Property, Junsei Sho-in

Junsei Sho-in, located on the Junsei premises, is a medical school that appeared during the Edo Period (1903-1868), and is now a national registered cultural property.
The building interior is a dining space, perfect for enjoying a quiet meal with a small group.

Meikyo Rakuchi Strolling Garden

Meikyo Rakuchi Strolling Garden

When you pass through the stone gate reading "Meikyo Rakuchi," you'll find a garden that stretches for 3,960 square meters. Here you can admire the changing of the four seasons visible in the garden plants.
When lit up at night, the garden appears magical in a different way than it does in the daytime.

Tango-ya, Sousou-an

Tango-ya, Sousou-an

A place to enjoy some casual dining.
Tango-ya is filled with charming old wooden signboards.
In Sousou-an, the scenery jumps into the room through the wall-sized window.
Each building has a completely different atmosphere.