Registered Cultural Property, Junsei Sho-in

Junsei Sho-in, located on the Junsei premises, is a medical school that appeared during the Edo Period (1903-1868), and is now a national registered cultural property.
The building interior is a dining space, perfect for enjoying a quiet meal with a small group.

Ryusui ("Flowing Stream")

[2 people]
This space is perfect for two people to enjoy a quiet, relaxing meal on an anniversary or for some special time together.


[4 people]
In this space, you can enjoy the garden scenery with family or friends, relaxing without a care for the passage of time.

Irori ("Hearth")

[8 people]
This sunken kotatsu (heated table) with an authentic Japanese alcove (toko-no-ma) is perfect for taking out a guest or for other meetings.

Upper Section

[About 10 people]
This upper seating section about the authentic Japanese alcove (toko-no-ma) may be used for events like the exchange of engagement gifts, or to enjoy the open view.
The pine paintings on the sliding door of this section were painted by the Edo Period (1903-1868) painter Hara Zaichu. His representative works include "Fudaraku" (the mythical Buddhist Mount Potalaka) and "Kinki Shogazu (Painting of the Four Scholarly Arts)" in the Hojo Hall of Sokoku-ji Temple.

Meikyo Rakuchi Strolling Garden

Meikyo Rakuchi Strolling Garden

When you pass through the stone gate reading "Meikyo Rakuchi," you'll find a garden that stretches for 3,960 square meters. Here you can admire the changing of the four seasons visible in the garden plants.
When lit up at night, the garden appears magical in a different way than it does in the daytime.



In the Ryotei-kaku pavilion at the rear of the garden, you can relax looking out on the garden as you enjoy your meal.
Although the building is traditionally Japanese in style, chair seating, rather than floor seating, is primarily offered inside.

Tango-ya, Sousou-an

Tango-ya, Sousou-an

A place to enjoy some casual dining.
Tango-ya is filled with charming old wooden signboards.
In Sousou-an, the scenery jumps into the room through the wall-sized window.
Each building has a completely different atmosphere.